Helping the Australian Bushfires: Koalas In Care Inc.

Throughout January 2020 we promised to donate 5% of all Orders placed with us to an Organisation that is helping with the Australian Bushfires. The current bushfires across Australia have and are still causing such a deep and pro founding effect on all, myself and my family included. Owning a small family owned business we pride ourselves on treating everyone as family and realistically all of Australia is our family especially in times of need.

Being an environmentally conscience family and business we always work to look after our native Australian animals. Whilst having Richard, a beautiful Ragdoll cat who isn’t native to Australia; as such Richard is a purely indoors cat and when travel to and from the Shop from home he is kept on a harness. Like us Richard is a strong believer in caring for the environment and all animals. Hearing the terrible effects that the bushfires has had on our Koala population has deeply moved Richard and Our Flower Studio making the decision to donate to Koalas In Care Inc. the easiest of all.

Koalas In Care Inc. is a non-profit organisation and charity located in New South Wales that helps Koalas in an over 800, 000 hectare area across three local government zones. Established in 2005 by founding members Paul and Christeen McLeod the organisation is run completely by volunteers, with no paid employees. Operating a 24 Hour Rescue Service the volunteers at Koalas In Care Inc. are committed to the wild koala population and their habitat working 365 days a year. Receiving no recurrent Government Funding and relying completely on Donations, Bequests and their own Fundraising we at Our Flower Studio are honoured to say our January Donations have been donated to Koalas In Care Inc..

If you would like to know more or Donate to Koalas In Care Inc. please head to their website.

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